Why convert from oil to gas:

Customers Love It

Over 88% of customers experienced the benefits of gas boilers immediately and would definitely recommend it to friends and family.

It’s Instant

Combi Gas boilers provide instant hot water and heat on demand, meaning no need to worry about running an expensive immersion, or running out or waiting.

It’s Cheaper

By switching to a Gas Boiler you can save up to £300 on your energy bills with a high efficiency ‘A’ rated natural gas boiler.

It’s Efficient

A new ‘A’ rated natural gas boiler is over 90% efficient, compared to around 50-60% for an old oil boiler over 15 years old, therefore reduction in heating bills.

It’s Cleaner

By switching from oil to natural gas boilers you could cut your home’s carbon footprint up to 50%, so you’ll also be doing your bit for the environment.

It’s Convenient and Versatile

Never run out of oil again as natural gas has a constant supply to your home.
And natural gas is a very versatile fuel … you can cook with it, gas fires, gas tumble dryers and even gas BBQ.