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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, All our engineers are Gas Safe Registered and have all the up to date qualifications.

We are also fully insured to work in all Domestic and commercial buildings.

Every home with a gas burning appliance should have a Co Alarm.

An alarm should be installed on every level of the home and at sleeping areas.

Belfast Boiler Installations install new co alarms with every new boiler.

Both devices will control the heating programs and temperature with in your home.

The internet enabled controller like Nest or HIve allows you to also contro the heating time and temperature via your smart phone or tablet.

A chemical flush is when a strong chemical is added to your heating system for a few weeks maximun. The boiler will circulate this chemical around your system during normal operation. This method is good for cleaning systems that are not very contaminated.

A powerflush would be required for systems that are blocked due to sludge

Your combination boiler can be losing pressure for a number of reasons. Pressure loss may be caused from a leak in the pressure relief valve, an issue in the expansion vessel, air in your system, or a leak in the heating pipework itself.

We would advise that you give us a call to talk you over our tracing process.

A magnetic filter is fitted to the pipework of the heating system or boiler. It extracts metal particles and other debris that flow through the pipes. A magnetic filter is made from a large magnet to attract these metal particles and filter them out of the heating system

Magnetic filters are completely optional – they aren’t a requirement. However, if you don’t have a magnetic filter, dirt and rust are able to flow around your system, which could put your boiler at risk of becoming damaged and could reduce the efficiency of your radiators. At Belfast Boiler Installation we install a new magnetic filter with every new boiler we install.