Hydro Genie System

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benefits of hydro genie

With rising energy costs, heating domestic and commercial properties is proving to be a major strain on the household purse and business operations.
Households are at the point of eat or heat and business owners are accruing greater running costs which are impacting on their bottom line and the price of their products.
Given all this negativity, help is available in the form of an innovative patented technology, called the Hydro Genie System.

It’s a retrofit solution that can be installed on any wet heating system; this includes gas, oil, LPG, and can be incorporated into existing heat pump or renewable thermal systems, so it’s also future proof

The systems come in domestic and commercial sizes they are retro fitted to the existing heating pipes & wired to the heating control circuit.

Proven Efficinency Savings

  • The domestic Hydro genie system has been proven. In a Scottish Government sponsored test through the Scottish Environment technologies Network and In conjunction with the university of Strathclyde, it recorded a 49.8% reduction in gas used to heat a 3-bed home. 
  • The Commercial Hydro Genie System has also been proven. A test carried out by the Strathclyde Eco-Innovation Unit again and the University of Strathclyde on a large secondary school with our commercial hydro genie system installed recorded a 39% reduction of the gas used to heat the hot water that the whole school.
  • The Hydro Genie Systems are provided in different combinations to provide the optimum carbon reductions & energy savings for any property. 

With the enhanced heat, all rooms in buildings become significantly warmer quicker and the boiler switches off quicker saving energy.

Compact units for residential properties

Hydro Genie Systems have been installed successfully throughout the UK to improve the performance of domestic heating systems. The innovation can be fitted with ease into pipework of 28mm & 22mm diameter; irrespective of the age of the heating system. 

Why choose hydro genie

Commercial Hydrop Genie Systems

Works with:


Domestic Hydro Genie Systems

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How Society can Benefit from Hydro Genie

By retro fitting any Hydro Genie System to an existing fossil fuelled boiler, it can help dramatically reduce the boilers carbon emissions, helping to address our climate change objectives n our road to Zero Carbon by 2045

By retrofitting Hydro Genie Systems to homes that are struggling financially, we have a chance to make a meaningful impact on growing fuel poverty pandemic by reducing the consumption of heating fuel, so it cost less to heat.

Hydro Genie Systems work on the circulating fluid enhancing the heat transfer from existing and future heat source. This means Hydro Genie Systems future proof the heating systems of today, ready for the fuels and boilers of tomorrow.

Choosing Hydro Genie in the fight against fuel poverty will:

– Create jobs in the local workplace to install Hydro Genie and our other technologies
– Setup local manufacturing of Hydro Genies and our other technologies, providing skilled and semi-skilled jobs
– Additional jobs for ongoing service& maintenance of our systems
– As we scale up, we will require personnel in manufacturing, sales, management, and installation of Hydro Genie Systems; this will play a big part in the Hydro Genie’s growth plan
– Create apprenticeships and student workplace opportunities
– Grow the respective supply chain market

Hydro Genie Systems will provide:
-Warmer homes
– Warm homes = healthier homes
   -Unheated homes = unhealthy homes e.g., mould, dampness etc
– Buildings that cost less to heat and maintain
– Reduction in stress levels caused heating bills concerns
– Homes that emit lower carbon emissions
– And ultimately provide a positive impact for residents and businesses.

If Hydro Genie Systems were introduced in a countrywide retrofitting program for domestic and commercial heating boilers, the gas consumption could fall by Circa 30%. This would help reduce the need for imported gas.

Hydro Genie Performance Data

Results from a test conducted with government investment; validate energy savings from Hydro Genie when applied to domestic central heating systems.
Hosted by the University of Strathclyde, SETN supported the environmental and clean technology sector to develop by testing promising innovatotions

49.8% reduction in gas consumption when tested by the Scottish Environmental TEchnology Network funded by the Scottish Government. 

How it Works


So, what is the Hydro Genie System, & how does it work?

The Hydro Genie System is a retro fit, carbon reducing & energy saving solution, for existing domestic and commercial fossil fuel boilers running on Gas, Oil, and LPG or on renewable’s such a heat pumps etc.

It induces Henry’s law, into the circulating heating fluid, through a sequence of fluid dynamics within the chambers of the Hydro Genie on the flow and return pipe, removing the dissolved gasses in the circulating fluid as it’s pumped through the chambers.

This stops the bubbles forming on the heat exchanger and allows the heat to transfer to the circulating fluid quicker.

Once the fluid has no gasses in it, the fluid dynamics within the hydro genie, compress the fluid slightly, which provides a 2 – 3-degree lift in temperature without using any fuel

No moving parts & no additional power

Hydro Genie Systems improve the performance of heating systems by applying the laws of physics and exploiting the properties of fluid dynamics within heir chambers.

Energy demand is reduced in both old and modern hearing systems; No additional power is used since the flow of water provides all that is required. In commercial and Domestic Heating. 

Enhanced heat exchange & Retention

enhanced heat exchange & retention

Thermal transfers become more efficient when dissolved gasses are removed from water preventing barriers of vapour films from forming on the heat transfer surfaces due to nucleate transition. 

Hydro Genie applies this understanding to improve the performance of boilers; and, in the absence of dissolved gas, heat is made quicker and retained by systems for longer. 

Anaerobic conditions to prevent rust

Dissolved oxygen is the most significant corrosive agent in central heating systems. It forms rust when in contact with iron. Hysro genie Sytems prevents rust by removing dissokved oxygen from central heaitng systems. This improves performace.

Enhanced heat exchange & Retention

The operational efficiency of heating elements decreases by 7% for every 1mm of limescale deposited. Hydro Genie removes limescale by causing it to soften and dissipate  in the absence of dissolved oxygen. 

Reduce wear on pumps and valves

Cavitation occurs when steam bubbles implode on the planes of impellers. This damages pumps and casings, steadily diminishing the circulation. Hydro Genie prevents cavitation by removing dissolved oxygen from the water. This saves pumps from getting damaged, and tops the noise like pumping gavel. 

System maintence costs are reduced by preventing cavitation


To summarize the Hydro Genie system is government endorsed, money saving, carbon reducing, long lasting, efficient and easily installed. The benefits are undeniable and particularly apt for these testing economic times.
Simply put, the Hydro Genie makes strategic economic sense!

Below are just a couple of our extremely happy customers.

George Sept 2020

I have been part of the Catapult Energy Systems Test for about 3 years now. I’ve been trialling new energy saving equipment for my central heating, and I was pleased with the results. They asked me to trial a Hydro Genie system which attaches to your pipes coming from the boiler, an easy and quick installation.

I was told it would save on my gas usage. (I must admit I was a bit sceptical) The results were amazing. I had a 40% saving on gas bill. Big thanks to those involved.

-Stephen Cranston Oct 2021

Having been in our current home for 12 years we’d tried everything to reduce our heating bills and try and get the house warm. New loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, new double- glazed windows, and new doors and a “power flush” of the central heating to clear any sediment. We still had to have the heating on almost constantly over the winter and rarely got the temperature in the house over 19*C. Our next move was a new boiler until I heard about Hydro- Genie.

We had the Hydro-Genie installed last winter and have seen savings of around 50% in our gas consumption. Even though I was now working from home due to covid I had the heating on less as the house heated up so much quicker than before with the entire radiator surfaces giving off heat – not just the tops of them. There’s no more sediment and bleeding of radiators needed as the Hydro-Genie draws off the sediment and vents off the air itself. In summary my house is much warmer even though I’ve turned down the boiler, the thermostats on the radiators and reduced the time the heating is on. With rising energy prices, the Hydro-Genie will have paid for itself in a few years and then it’s all cash savings – for me around £100 per month