How to Make the Most of your Commercial Heating

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Our climate is renowned for our varying weather, so it’s rare we are without the need for heating for too long. Plus there is no denying that commercial heating of buildings can be tricky – and expensive – to heat.

The three main things which contribute to this:

  • Building size: Commercial buildings are normally larger than domestic properties, meaning they cost more to heat and they often require multiple heating systems.
  • Number of occupants: A small family is much easier to please temperature wise than an office of 100 people, each with differing needs and preferences.
  • Range of purposes: Commercial building can have a range of different spaces, such as workshops, offices, kitchens, storage areas, computer suites etc, each with different requirements when it comes to heating.

Belfast Boiler Installations are here with some tips to help you make the most of your commercial heating and to use it as efficiently as possible, making commercial heating solutions less daunting and expensive.

Use a Consistent Strategy with your Commercial Boiler

More often than not people get impatient with heating and want to be warm straight away, so they ramp it up to full blast. Then things get too hot and the air con is put on instead (or in parallel) to cool things down. This can lead to needless high energy bills and is a very wasteful approach

Using a thermostat will ensure a consistent temperature, keeping everything comfortable without modifying settings all day.

Sticking to a set temperature range will keep those bills in line and is the most likely way to keep everyone happy.
See our section on Smart Thermostats, which give you complete and ease of control over temperature. right

Gas vs oil instant hot water
A reliable commercial boiler ensures that your occupants have access to hot water when they need it. Image credit: Imani

Scheduled Timing is everything

Make use of heating controls to ensure that you are not heating your commercial property unnecessarily. There is no point in paying to heat an empty space if a commercial building is empty during the night or at weekends.

Some areas such as cold storage must be kept at a certain temperature at all times, so it’s worth saving money where you can by not heating spaces when you can.

See our section on Smart Thermostats, which can give you control of heating on a room by room basis using SMART TRVs allowing you to have each room on a separate heating schedule.

Divide and conquer

In most commercial properties there are particular rooms or areas, which are used less frequently, and in most cases they are heated all year round, again at an unnecessary cost.

There is a common misconception that it is cheaper and more efficient to keep your heating at a constant, low temperature 24/7, but this is actually very wasteful, particularly in a room which is not even being used.

If you have specific requirements in different areas of your commercial premises, installing more than one type of heating system may be the best option to ensure efficient heating and cooling where it is needed, but this is very expensive.

In businesses such as hotels, each guest should be given control over their own heating preferences, so each room will require its own distinct heating system. This type of system is very costly to install and maintain, but customer comfort and satisfaction is paramount in the hotel sector, and the right heating system will lead to return visits, recommendations and good reviews.

There are many case studies proving Smart Thermostats, especially Smart TRV’s, give better control and scheduling of your heating system, with one example in a famous hotel chain with a saving of 64% in their heating bills.

See our section on Commercial Boiler Installations to find out more.