Gas boiler not working? Read these 5 tips first

There is nothing quite worse than running yourself a nice hot bath only to find out the boiler has broken down, and you’re now without heating. It’s even worse when this happens during wintertime, and you feel exposed to the elements inside of your own home.  If your boiler isn’t working properly, there are some

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How to make the most of your commercial heating featured image

How to Make the Most of your Commercial Heating

Our climate is renowned for our varying weather, so it’s rare we are without the need for heating for too long. Plus there is no denying that commercial heating of buildings can be tricky – and expensive – to heat. The three main things which contribute to this: Building size: Commercial buildings are normally larger

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6 things to consider when buying a boiler featured image

6 Things to Consider When Buying a Boiler

When you’re buying a boiler, there are a number of things to keep in mind. Choosing the right boiler for your needs will help to ensure that your home heating is efficient, cost effective and reliable for years to come. Gas heating offers countless benefits over other fuel sources, including environmental friendliness. However, all of

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Gas vs oil featured image

Gas Vs Oil: 5 Reasons to Switch to Gas Heating

When deciding how to heat your home, gas vs oil is one of the top considerations for families and businesses alike. You might think that if there’s hot water in the pipes, it’s not important where this comes from, but you’d be wrong. How you choose to heat your home has a number of knock-on

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